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Financing Improved Management of Forests in Northern Minnesota

UPM Blandin

The Blandin forest in northern Minnesota comprises more than 180,000 acres of native, mixed hardwoods that are owned and managed by the Blandin Forest company.  In 2010, working with non-profit partners and the state of Minnesota, Blandin signed a conservation easement that guarantees the property will remain forest and that it will be managed under sustainable SmartForestry practices.

To help offset the opportunity costs of avoiding traditional, extensive logging, Blandin turned to the carbon markets.  Managing its forest in a sustainable way, Blandin would be increasing carbon stocks and reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Blandin asked TerraCarbon to help evaluate its options and to guide the development of a carbon project.

TerraCarbon first helped Blandin consider voluntary vs. compliance market development by preparing estimates of offsets and assessing demand, risks, and other considerations of each market. After Blandin decided to develop its project in the voluntary markets, TerraCarbon led the design and monitoring of the project, working closely with its staff and contractors to undertake forest inventories and prepare all necessary documentation.  Blandin has been awarded more than 175,000 offsets and is now working with TerraCarbon to market these offsets to potential buyers and provide funding for its improved forest management practices.


Feasibility, Design, Monitoring, Marketing

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