23 April 2013

Women's Carbon Standard Launched

On 17 April, the non-governmental organization WOCAN (Women’s Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management) announced the launch of the Women’s Carbon Standard (WCS) during a press conference in San Francisco headlined by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC.  The new standard is an effort to recognize and reward the important role that women play in climate change mitigation and is designed to complement existing compliance or voluntary carbon standards.  According to WOCAN, the use of the standard “will ultimately change business-as-usual in the global carbon market. Just as the Fair Trade label has revolutionized consumer buying habits, WOCAN sees the potential to drive investments to projects that support women’s empowerment. When the livelihoods of women improve, broader economic, social, and environmental improvements follow.”

Project developers are encouraged to apply the standard to both new and existing projects following the Women’s Carbon Standard and the Program Guide.  The framework is based on measurement in six key domains including income and assets, time, education (and knowledge), leadership, food security, and health.

TerraCarbon supports the introduction of the WCS and provides advisory support on project design to meet the standard, applying tools and expertise gained through gender mainstreaming in REDD+ projects.  TerraCarbon staff have been involved in reviewing the new standard and took part in the launch event in San Francisco.   

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