20 February 2013

TerraCarbon Expands Services and Adds Community Expert to Staff

We are excited to announce that TerraCarbon is expanding its capabilities and services to advise clients on the community and social aspects of forest carbon and conservation projects. A strong emphasis on these aspects is critical to ensuring equity, effectiveness, and the long-term sustainability of forest restoration and protection– and ultimately, impact in mitigating climate change. For this new service, we are pleased that Amanda Bradley has joined our team as Senior Manager, Community and Social Benefits. Amanda is an expert in community forestry and social assessments, and has extensive experience designing and implementing community-based resource management and monitoring activities. Prior to joining TerraCarbon, Amanda was the Forestry and Climate Program Director for Pact Cambodia where she initiated, negotiated, and managed Cambodia’s first REDD+ project to achieve registration under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate Community Biodiversity (CCB) standards. We will be providing further details of our new community and social advisory services in the coming weeks. For more information on Amanda’s background, click here.

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