06 March 2014

National Wetlands Newsletter profiles Carbon Based Peatland Restoration Opportunities

The National Wetlands Newsletter has released its January/February issue profiling Coastal Blue Carbon.  Sara Ward of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Scott Settelmyer of TerraCarbon co-authored an article for the issue titled “Carbon Sequestration Benefits of Peatland Restoration: Attracting New Partners to Restore National Wildlife Refuge Habitats”.  The article discusses peatlands restoration opportunities at National Wildlife Refuges in the Albemarle Sound region of Virginia and North Carolina and the contribution that proof-of-concept projects and compliance offset protocols would make towards scaling up restoration efforts across the region.

Read more about TerraCarbon’s peatland restoration work in the Albemarle Sound region.

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National Wetlands Newsletter, January/February 2014

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