10 October 2013

TerraCarbon Selected to Evaluate Deforestation Reduction Initiatives in Para, Brazil

TerraCarbon LLC has been selected by Mercy Corps under the USAID-Skoll Innovation Investment Alliance to evaluate the impacts of forest conservation initiatives of Imazon and the Green Municipalities Program (GMP) in the state of Para, Brazil.  Imazon is a non-profit research institute based in the Brazilian Amazon that has recently received support from the Innovation Investment Alliance to scale up its work with local governments in Para to better control and reduce deforestation. 

TerraCarbon has convened a team of in-house forest carbon experts and economists from North Carolina State University and Duke University that will develop a rigorous approach to evaluate the impacts of Imazon’s and GMP’s initiatives to reduce deforestation in Para.  Once the evaluation approach is finalized, the team will implement it and report on the impacts of Imazon and GMP’s initiatives to assist them in evaluating the outcome of their conservation strategies and adapting them over time to improve their effectiveness.

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