08 March 2013

VCS and CCB Gold Validation for Cordillera Azul National REDD Project

CIMA has completed validation and registration of the Cordillera Azul National Park (PNCAZ) REDD Project under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) with Gold Distinction.  CIMA also completed the first monitoring and verification of the project under the VCS which generated more than 5.7 million of verified net emission reductions.

The PNCAZ REDD project involves avoiding deforestation within the 1.4 million hectare forested area within the Cordillera Azul national park in the north eastern Andes of Peru. The park is home to a remarkable diversity of plants and animals including an estimated 4,000-6,000 plant species, 71 species of mammals (including spectacled bears), 800 species of birds, and 200 species of fish. 

TerraCarbon served as the technical lead for CIMA and its partner, The Field Museum, developing the climate inputs for the VCS and CCB Project Design, designing and managing the forest inventory (covering more than 600,000 hectares), modeling baseline deforestation scenarios, and preparing the first monitoring report.  In connection with this project, TerraCarbon also revised VM0007 (REDD Methodology Modules) to allow for a population driver approach to baseline setting relevant to this agricultural frontier region and to improve the estimates of uncertainty.

Click here to see the VCS Project Design and the CCB Project Design Document.

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