About TerraCarbon


TerraCarbon cooperates with its key partners to provide a full compliment of services to its clients worldwide.

Climate Focus is a consulting firm with offices in the Netherlands and the U.S. that provides high quality services to the international carbon market, including legal services related to the purchase and sale of emission reduction credits. TerraCarbon is working with Climate Focus to provide a full compliment of technical, transaction, and legal advice to our clients. Visit their website.

Joanneum Research is a state-owned R&D firm in Austria. Its Energy, Land Use and Climate Change group provides high quality technical services to AFOLU projects. Together with Climate Strategies, TerraCarbon and Joanneum are co-sponsoring the Schlamadinger Prize in AFOLU Policy Research. Visit their website.

Silvestrum is a consulting firm in the Netherlands that assists in the creation of carbon and ecosystem assets in land-use projects and programs for compliance and voluntary markets worldwide. TerraCarbon and Silvestrum have collaborated on methodology and project development, most recently with respect to peatlands and tidal wetlands. Visit their website.