About TerraCarbon

About Us

TerraCarbon LLC ® is a leading advisory firm that helps develop and sell carbon offsets to fund forest and wetland conservation around the world. We believe that innovative approaches that place a value on nature and provide incentives for conservation are critical to addressing climate change, improving the availability and quality of freshwater, protecting biodiversity, and alleviating poverty.

TerraCarbon provides a full range of services to develop and sell forest and wetland carbon offsets including project feasibility, design, monitoring, and marketing advisory services. Our clients include the world’s leading conservation organizations, forward-thinking corporations, and environmental foundations. We have worked on more than 30 projects around the world that have protected and restored more than 5 millions acres of forests and wetlands and have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tons.

Our History

TerraCarbon was formed in 2006 by Scott Settelmyer, former CFO of the Chicago Climate Exchange, and Dr. Bernhard Schlamadinger, one of the world’s leading forest carbon experts.  Scott and Bernhard recognized the significant potential of the forest and land use sector to reduce greenhouse gases and deliver valuable environmental and social co-benefits, and the power of markets to reach this potential by providing results-based incentives.  They also understood that specialized expertise was needed to help navigate the complexities of quantifying, communicating, and funding these benefits.

Our Approach

Science: The markets for ecosystems services are credible only if they are supported by sound science.  We hire and partner with experts in the fields of conservation, forestry, forest ecology, and remote sensing sciences.

Trust: The trust of our clients and partners is critical to building a successful collaboration. We build trust by being transparent and consistently delivering on our commitments.

Collaboration: Effective projects requires the collaboration of various stakeholders. We collaborate by listening to our clients and building project teams that include client staff and local people.

Capacity Building: Sustained success of restoration and conservation project activities depends on building strong local capacities.  We freely share knowledge and help train local people to help build these capacities.